Pandemic languishing or flourishing?

The pandemic has been (dare we speak in past tense?) many things, to many people. It gave many people some downtime, balance and flexibility, while others were less happy living through it. We explore how integrations can make a true difference in this new hybrid world we live in, by fostering connections between systems, and people.

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Does Zoom fog, “Teamsed-out” or Groundhog Day mean anything to you? Or perhaps you are in the ‘never been happier’ excellent remote experience camp, vicariously living the world through your screens and enjoying it! Did working and interacting digitally spark joy? Or was it an awful experience, making you feel tired all the time...

The good, bad and ugly

The pandemic has been (dare we speak in past tense?) many things, to many people. It gave many people some downtime, balance and flexibility, and others were less thrilled – in particular from an isolation and mental health perspective. Which we can relate to as well.

From a digital work journey perspective we have also received mixed reports. For some, the digital experience has been great – mostly meaning the transition to remote working was quite seamless in general, and the applications they interacted with worked together like a digital support team. For others, it was a feeling of constant struggle.

Could the way your employer integrates their applications and avoids you doing simple, manual, avoidable tasks have something to do with that?


Honestly, not just because we sell them...

“Do more with less”

This is further strengthened by the “do more with less” trend we have seen in the pandemic.

Did you feel your tasks and responsibilities were ever increasing, due to a decrease in staff (maybe due to stand-downs or even redundancies)? And then there was the general decrease in productivity for example because of those who did not flourish as much in the new and remote setting, or due to other pandemic-related issues.

Were you able to increase the size of your team to offset for this? Probably not...

The only way to avoid overtime and frustration, is to work smarter. Integrate systems and processes, and automate where you can. This will transform the (remote) working experience to a very smooth one, leaving energy for you to enjoy additional free time gained by not having to commute!

For the remainder of this blog, we would like provide some additional insights into our new reality for IT managers and HR leaders in our network.

Do you work in IT and are you tired of integration issues?

To the IT managers and executives reading this: It does not stop there. Granted you have your own Digital Employee eXperience, but there is more to your role where integrations and automations are concerned. You might know the frustration of breaking integrations. The time it costs to investigate and fix them. The budget spent on fixing the code.

A managed service can make this all go away. Or at least, regarding integrations. If you use a managed service that is affordable, it will save more than it costs and you get to focus on maintaining and securing your IT environment.

Possibly you work in a medium sized business and you are on the board or management team, needing to explain why certain breakdowns in processes between IT systems occur.

The conversation with your manager, management team, or the board to invest in a managed service will be a happy one, since you can demonstrate positive return on investment: saving the company more money than the service costs. You will have more bandwidth to deal with your core activities, stay on top of contemporary IT requirements and no longer have to worry at all about any integrations. Imagine how that would make you feel!

Do you work in HR and wonder how you can dramatically enhance the #DEx?

To our brave HR leaders: there is more help available to cope with challenges of modern working than you think! In case you felt challenged during the pandemic, or perhaps a bit lost in this modern hybrid world, where connection has to be forged? Have you ever felt that the traditional methods and approaches for building culture and connection were no longer working for you or your company?

Maybe you’ve had to do more with less, like so many others. And you are dealing with the associated stress of perpetually needing too many hours in your day.

How to build a culture of happy employees without the COVID related headaches, you ask? Pun intended. PS - Hope it’s not too early for a joke.

It turns out that people and IT systems are quite similar in some respects: integration needs to happen consciously between people and between systems, in a remote or hybrid setting. And what better way to allow you to focus on the people and distinctly human integration aspects, if you don’t have to worry about systems talking to each other? Your employees will be happier and have a better experience. Therefore, they will complain less.

There are also other parallels – building a culture in a remote working environment takes conscious effort. Arguably building a culture takes effort any day, however in a remote environment you have to do it extra consciously – due to the lack of the proverbial watercooler conversations, amongst other things. The same goes for proper modern cloud system integration: if you want systems to talk to each other properly, you have to put the effort in as it won’t happen automatically, or out of the box, for most organisations.

But there is good news: We could do all of that for you – for a low, predictable monthly fee. No more worries at all about the Digital Employee experience for you or your colleagues: we take care of it all.

So what’s next?

Dare to dream! Would be our recommendation. We yet have to see an integration or data transformation that we can’t make work one way or another. So why would you not give us a try, allow us to do a free proof of concept for you to see how unburdened and worry free we could make your day?

Contact us here for a free consultation.

Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

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