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Do you have a question about Harmonizer? There is a good chance the answer is listed below! 

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  • Harmonizer integrates different cloud applications, software and systems. We ensure the systems communicate effectively, so that information exchange is optimised and automated. This saves you valuable time and prevents errors. 

  • Although there are many alternative cloud integrations platforms, none combines enterprise level managed services with a low fixed monthly fee. Worry free, complex data integrations at a very friendly price point is what makes Harmonizer unique. No technical expertise required to manage, monitor and maintain any integrations at your side. Suitable for virtually any budget. 

  • Your data integration issue becomes our challenge, and you never have to look back. For example: a new employee joins your organisation, and certain (personal) data needs to be replicated across several systems, which requires manual and duplicate data entry activities. Harmonizer automates these activities for you and saves you time, money and prevents errors.

  • Depending on the data intensity and complexity of your integration requirements, we provide you with an affordable fixed monthly fee for your integration. There are no separate charges for the implementation phase of the integration, support, 27/4 monitoring or maintenance. Our pricing page contains more information.

  • First, we want to understand more about your unique integration challenges and requirements.  Which processes need to be automated? What are the important elements and data points in those processes for your organisation, and what is the smartest way to set up an integration to support these? Next, we provide you with a quote for an affordable, fixed monthly fee for the integration/s required. We take around three to six weeks to implement the integration, and subsequently test it and for the ‘go-live’. As soon as we start the testing phase and up to a few weeks after the go-live of the integration/s, we monitor them intensely to spot any teething issues early. We resolve these and once the integration works as it should, we start charging our fixed monthly fee. During and after the testing phase, you can always contact us to amend the integration or with any other questions. Our 'How does Harmonizer work?' Page contains more information.

  • Harmonizer integrates any application that has an API available over the internet. We already support many of these applications. If we don’t support your application yet, we build the additional supporting software required at our own expense, it does not cost you anything. 

    Our Integrations page provides an overview of all the applications that Harmonizer currently supports.

  • A sound technical team with a great understanding of integration issues, systems development and processes built up over years of software entrepreneurship and consulting experience. Harmonizer’s founders, Guido and Thom, have a passion for technical process optimisation and automation and this drove them to work together on developing Harmonizer.

  • ‘Unburdening’ is our key word. Harmonizer is a managed service, that allows you to completely outsource your cloud integrations and not invest time beyond the initial scope meetings in implementing, supporting, maintaining and monitoring your integrations. This means you can focus on your core activities, while we focus on our core activity of integrating your applications. Harmonizer assists to connect all systems and applications including manual data entry between them, so that you can save valuable time, money, and prevent errors.

  • Because Harmonizer is a cloud-based service, it is less suitable to integrate applications that are only hosted on premise, in particular if they don’t have an internet-facing API available.

  • On average, we go from concept to go-live of an integration in three to six weeks. The timeline ultimately depends on the complexity of the process that Harmonizer automates.

  • Harmonizer reads information from one or multiple systems, and checks, transforms, enriches, filters or performs any other operation on your data that is required, before it delivers the information to the destination application/s. Harmonizer is a flexible and modular solution that enables us to customise each integration exactly for your particular process. Should any changes be required later on to the integration, this is no issue for Harmonizer either due to its modular nature. In addition, we monitor your integrations 24/7, on many different aspects, such as whether your applications are available, whether they deliver Harmonizer data in the expected format, whether our code runs as expected and we monitor cyber security risks as well. This means we spot integration issues early on, and resolve them before they become problematic for you. Our modular code base allows us to update your code directly and to do so across our customer base for those with the same applications.

  • Harmonizer is an ‘all-in-one' solution, and not just a toolkit or web platform. We assist you from A to Z. Think through the most adequate solution with you, implement the technical specifications required for that solution and we guarantee a working integration to the specifications; or you don’t pay. And there’s more - for any changes or issues, we are a quick phone call or email away.  

  • Our head office is in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and we have an office in Sydney, Australia as well.

  • In 2019, the first customers were on-boarded on the Harmonizer platform. 

  • We collaborate with various SaaS vendors and IT consultancy partners. We unburden them and their clients in terms of the integrations required to implement software or optimise (IT) processes and get the most value out of these projects. Our current partners are: Winkwaves, Emply, Fellow Digitals, HelloDialog, Zynyo and Korper ICT. 

  • You will benefit from using Harmonizer if your IT environment is (partly) in the cloud and you want to save time, money and prevent errors by optimising processes and outsourcing your system integrations.  

  • No, you don’t. Harmonizer is a managed service and not a system or application – we run our cloud platform for you. You don’t need any (new) technical knowledge or skills yourself to run Harmonizer: you have us for that!

  • Harmonizer is like a conduit for your information. It liquefies your data between your systems and makes it flow. It reads information from source application/s, transforms it and delivers it to destination application/s. A little more technical information for those so inclined: We process the data in memory and we only store hash values for object administration.  We don’t store your data anywhere. This means we cannot read your data either. We are only a pass-through. This activity can happen in any jurisdiction that is best for your organisation, since we are cloud based and work with large cloud service providers. 

  • Harmonizer can be set up for you in any jurisdiction that is best for your organisation, since we are cloud based and work with large cloud service providers. 

  • In August 2022 we have obtained the ISO 27001 certification and are re-certified on an annual basis. 
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