Teamwork makes the dream work

It sounds cliché, but resonates so much with us. At Harmonizer, we love to cooperate with reliable partners, so that we can each play to our strengths. With our partners, we create ecosystems of ‘best-of-breed’ solutions. Our partners focus on developing their product. Harmonizer ensures it integrates with every application.

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Harmonizer's Partners

Please allow us to introduce our partners to you - they are listed below. 

Winkwaves is the developer of Harmonics, a sustainable communicationplatform for social intranet, knowledge communities and a strategic tool for developing organisations. Winkwaves' motto is: it's more than a tool, it's a mindset. For this reason, Winkwaves focusses a lot of time and effort in guiding its users to become involved. This is done through co-creation with customers. Since 2006.
Harmonizer enables Winkwaves’ customers to integrate their digital platform to show externally hosted data such as vacancies, or to integrate with deeper Microsoft 365 functionalities.

Talentlead is the exclusive reseller of the popular recruitment software Emply which enables efficient control and record keeping during recruitment and HR processes, by automating tasks and pulling together all relevant information into a single view. This allows you to make better choices. Talentlead understands that Recruiters and HR Managers require a user friendly and flexible solution, which fits in with their processes.
By partnering with Harmonizer, Talentlead is able to offer data integrations with many HR applications, such as Raet Beaufort, Youforce, AFAS and SAP Succesfactors.

Fellow Digitals offers innovative SaaS solutions such as Viadesk Intranet and Coursepath LMS. They believe digital inclusiveness is the key to employee satisfaction and optimal productivity. They develop software that enables the participation of every employee.
Harmonizer equips clients of Fellow Digitals to integrate their intranet or e-learning applications completely into their existing IT landscape.

Korper ICT is an organization that has grown rapidly and which gets the most out of (process) automation, RPA, file transfer and IT security for its clients. Korper ICT does not only supply software, but also offers consultancy and customized solutions. Connecting various systems is an important part of the possibilities Korper ICT offers, and for this it prefers to use the Harmonizer as the technical solution.
By maintaining close contact with Harmonizer, the consultants of Korper are always up to date with the latest developments and are always able to find or create the best solutions for customers.

HR2day is an innovative HR software solution developed on the leading cloud platform of Salesforce. The software offers comprehensive functionalities for personnel administration, payroll processing, and HR Analytics, all from a single central database. The application is flexible and scalable, easily adapting to the dynamics of your organization. Moreover, HR2day places a strong emphasis on self-service, enabling employees and managers to efficiently carry out their HR-related tasks.
At Harmonizer, we are thrilled to collaborate with HR2day. We provide seamless integrations between HR2day and various other systems, such as payroll, staff planning, and recruitment applications. Through these integrations, we can offer a holistic HR solution that meets the unique needs of each organization.

BrainsFirst is a game-changer in the talent acquisition and development landscape. Utilizing neuroscience-backed, game-based assessments, they help organizations identify the right talent in a bias-free manner. By focusing on cognitive capabilities rather than resumes, BrainsFirst offers a unique approach to predicting a candidate's ability to excel in specific job roles. Their assessments are not only scientifically rigorous but also engaging, providing a memorable experience for candidates.
At Harmonizer, we are thrilled to collaborate with BrainsFirst to integrate their cutting-edge assessments into various HR and recruitment systems. Our partnership enables organizations to streamline their hiring processes by combining BrainsFirst's neuroscience-based insights with HR systems like SAP SuccessFactors, AFAS, and more, thereby creating a seamless, data-driven talent acquisition and management experience.

Primio is the go-to mobile learning app specifically designed for healthcare professionals in the Netherlands. The app provides accessible knowledge that's available anytime, anywhere, enabling healthcare workers to operate more efficiently and achieve their goals more effectively. With a focus on microlearning and an extensive knowledge library, Primio empowers healthcare professionals to quickly find answers to their questions and stay up-to-date with the latest information. The app boasts a high adoption rate and offers comprehensive reporting and management features.
Harmonizer is proud to collaborate with Primio, a pioneer in mobile learning for the healthcare sector. We offer seamless integrations between Primio and various HR and LMS systems, allowing healthcare organizations to streamline their learning and development processes and enhance efficiency.

Emply is an all-in-one HR system that supports the full employee journey, from recruitment to resignation. With automated and streamlined workflows, Emply simplifies complex processes and creates value for both the organization and its employees. The platform offers a wide range of features, including personnel management, talent acquisition, and continuous feedback mechanisms. This enables companies to invest time and resources in the well-being and development of their employees.
At Harmonizer, we are excited about our collaboration with Emply. We provide seamless integrations between Emply and various HR and payroll systems. In this way, we can jointly contribute to optimizing HR processes and creating a more streamlined and efficient work environment.

Mijnrooster is a leading player in the field of workforce planning and time registration. With a focus on customization and flexibility, mijnrooster offers a solution that can be fully adapted to meet the requirements of your organization. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, mijnrooster ensures clarity and efficiency in your workforce planning. With their professional personal support and assistance, mijnrooster is the reliable partner you need for your scheduling.
Harmonizer is proud to collaborate with mijnrooster, enabling us to provide a seamless integration between mijnrooster and various HR and payroll systems. This partnership allows us to offer an integrated solution that not only optimizes workforce planning but also reduces administrative burdens.

HelloDialog revolutionizes email marketing by making it simpler than ever. With their drag & drop editor, users can create stunning emails without any technical know-how. The tool also offers extensive, personalized support and is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that your emails are sent in accordance with European privacy regulations. Customers rate HelloDialog an average of 9.1, underscoring their quality and reliability.
Harmonizer is thrilled to collaborate with HelloDialog, particularly in the realms of eCommerce and CRM systems. We provide seamless integrations that allow you to automate email campaigns, increase customer loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases. Our integrations also enable effective management of email automation and transactional emails.

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