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Integrated chats doing good :-)

If we got your attention with our cryptic title, we succeeded! Having said that, every word is true. Stichting PK is a much-valued customer of ours. Not just because they do amazing work for children and young adults, we also came up with a really cool integration project together.

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Adding ChatGPT support and empowering customers with Natural Language Processing

Empower your business with the latest addition to Harmonizer - support for ChatGPT 4.0! With the integration of natural language processing (NLP) into business workflows, we're making it possible for our customers to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in their operations while minimizing costs.

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Be the best or the bravest, or both!

In this blog, we cover our top tips for making the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources (HR) System decisions, *or* for making the most of what you already have. In a contracting economy, the latter is often reality. However it can lead to surprising results, if true effort is invested and different viewpoints are brought together.

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WhatsApp Business: Wealth of Opportunities

Easily accessible, data rich and multi-purpose. This is WhatsApp Business in a nutshell. It can be used in so many different scenarios, which makes it ‘right up our alley’! This blog explores a few cool current use cases and many more options - and best of all you get to try one of our processes yourself.

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API Security 101: the basics

As promised over the next little while, we will share our learnings and thoughts regarding API Security. This first blog post will cover the essentials, with more detailed and specific elaborations, such as contemporary weaknesses, to follow later as they arise or otherwise become relevant.

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Career Control takes control of their marketing information

If there is anything to learn from this blog, it would be: don't take 'no' for an answer. Complexities don't equate to impossibilities, and so far, impossible is nothing. Career Control persevered and ended up in a better place. Read their story below!

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Integrations 101: RESTful API

Expanding on one of our previous blogs regarding the 101 on APIs, we continue exploring and providing relevant low-tech explanations of relevant integration concepts. This week, we want to dissect the concept of a RESTful API.

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Why bespoke is better than standardised

This is a client story illustrating bespoke integrations: The thing is, in our work and in the tech (start-up) sector, we come across many advocates and companies that see standardisation as the holy grail for everything. One of the reasons is that standardisation makes everything faster, which in turn assists to keep up with the current world, which appears to spin faster each time. But...

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#Goals: Our big dreams for 2023

As many other people and organisations have done over the last few weeks, we have introspected and defined what we would like our 2023 to look like, Harmonizer-wise. We will tell you our plans, will you tell us yours?

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Ready…. set… integrate!

As we continue our knowledge sharing journey, this blog is about how to prepare for success where it comes to integrations. We assisted a fair few clients in recent months that learned the hard way that preparation is key to achieve success with integrations. This blog should assist you to consider the important steps in terms of integration planning, so that the integration drives value and operates without issues from day 1 after go-live!

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