TalentLead <> Emply <> Harmonizer: Tie all your HR Processes together

Helping each other in building a more connected Recruitment and HR world, is what the partnership between TalentLead and Harmonizer is built on. That, and our shared values. Our commitment to an outstanding and high-end client experience is a shared objective. In this blog, we dig a little deeper and reflect on why our partnership works so well and what value it drives to create a connected environment for our mutual clients.

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TalentLead believes, that in order to attract the best talent, you need to get a complete overview of your organisation. Therefore, all HR processes need to be tied together. They do this by succesfully implementing and optimising HR platforms and applications, such as Emply.

TalentLead also believes in streamlining manual work, by using a high level of automation. As the title suggests, TalentLead and Harmonizer go above and beyond together. At the very least, in terms of integrations and streamlining manual work.

Straight away, you can see alignment of values between TalentLead and Harmonizer. For example, where Emply as a suite of applications carries these through within the domain of Recruitment and HR, we add on everything else that is required to connect those processes to the rest of the organisation. Jointly, we provide a service that enables that complete overview of any client’s organisation. In turn allowing our joint clients to attract, and retain their best talent. Something that is much needed in today’s global labour market.

The story so far

TalentLead has been working with Harmonizer since 2020. Together, they have assisted numerous clients, and are always working on joint opportunities. Emply has its roots in Denmark, but has expanded internationally via their Dutch exclusive partner, TalentLead. TalentLead services clients across the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with the products of Emply.

Why does TalentLead need an integrations partner?

Can’t Emply build these integrations? In short, the answer is no. Emply does provide standard integrations in the recruitment domain. They focus on their core system and their value proposition as a global SaaS vendor. But TalentLead’s clientele is the top of the market, and often has very specific, bespoke or niche IT environments and requirements. These are clients that have upwards of 500 - 5,000+ staff members.

Emply does offer a lot of standard integrations with job boards, which enables their clients to easily publish vacancies on any job board throughout the country. These are a must in today’s recruitment practice and therefore, they have to be built into the application. However, all the other possible downstream and sidestream systems in a client’s IT landscape cannot be serviced by standard integrations. These sidestream and downstream integrations are also more often of a complex nature, in terms of business requirements, and have a flavour of automation in the process.

In addition, TalentLead has a lot of clients in the Government, Healthcare and Enterprise markets. Such organisations often have elaborate procurement processes, with long laundry lists of requirements. Especially in cases where there are mandatory requirements regarding integrations, and TalentLead cannot service these as part of their current offering with Emply, the partnership with Harmonizer is essential. With Harmonizer as a partner, TalentLead is able to submit a response to these tenders as a single supplier.

What is an example of such integrations?

Many use cases TalentLead and Harmonizer work on together, revolve around onboarding of new employees. So clients would use Emply systems and integrations for the end-to-end talent acquisition process, but to then automatically create new employee records in the HR system or active directory of the organisation and its associated systems they rely on Harmonizer.

Often this is where some thinking, business rules and therefore bespoke connectors and transformations need to occur in order to make these provisioning integrations successful. They are tailor made each time, but built to last.

But why specifically Harmonizer?

Critical thinkers might now wonder: this is all well and good, but there are so many possible integration providers out there. Why specifically Harmonizer?

There are a few reasons why a partnership with Harmonizer over other integration partners or solutions makes sense to TalentLead:

  1. Harmonizer provides a managed service for clients and partners. Getting us involved is easy. Contracting is easy and quick. Our customer service is easily reachable and will answer questions quickly and get it right for the client. The partner never has to worry about the setup or the maintenance of these integrations.
  2. Harmonizer adds systems on demand from partners and clients. This means, that when TalentLead has a client, or a tender, they can ask us to add the required systems and we will always say "yes", as long as the system has an API. They have a direct say in our roadmap. Especially in the case of local systems that have a large market penetration, this is essential. An example is AFAS. A large player in the Human Resources space in the Netherlands, but not global enough for Emply to develop a native integration.
  3. Harmonizer adds systems quickly. It only takes us between 2 and 4 weeks from the date of the request.
  4. Finally, and circling back on the first point in a more technical way, we invest in understanding Emply or any other partner system in great detail. Because only if we build up that understanding, can we provide the best practice managed service and build the best possible integration for the specific use case that we want to be known for in the market.

What are some other ‘secret sauce’ elements that make our collaboration a success?

Since we have been working together for a few years now, the TalentLead sales team is very familiar with our way of working and pricing. This means that most of the time, they are able to offer our service where appropriate and applicable without the need to organise separate meetings with us.

For the TalentLead sales team, it is a very efficient way of working and enables them to sell to more clients in a more extensive way in terms of the services they provide. And if they have a question about a price or other aspect of a sale, it’s just a quick phone call to us. We know each other really well and have short lines of communication.

A look into the future

TalentLead and Harmonizer hope to build on their partnership and extend it further. For example, one of our ambitions is to work on more interactive tools where clients need to build a digital relationship with prospective employees. We are piloting an apply-with-whatsapp integration for one of our mutual clients to assist them in engaging job applicants early, and interactively in the recruitment process. We hope to be able to write a case study on this soon, so as to share this innovative use of technology with the world.

It is our ambition to jointly keep thinking outside the square along the lines of the above example, and to add value to our clients! So more to come… watch this space.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

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