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Trendwatching: Hyperautomation lifts our thinking to the next level

It’s time for another trendwatcher blog, it’s been a while. Since Harmonizer provides data aspects of automation, any related topic peaks our interest. Recently, we heard from one of our customers, about the trend of hyperautomation, and luxury modern communism. We wanted to explore this topic further, and understand what it might mean for technology developments more broadly and integrations specifically.

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Is Harmonizer a one-trick pony?

In this blog we reflect on an important and complex application migration project that we partnered on with Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency, DJI). How do data migrations work in Harmonizer, and why did DJI opt to partner with Harmonizer for this project?

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A blog about hope for all small-medium businesses with integration issues!

It can often feel somewhat frustrating for IT teams in small-medium sized businesses - dealing with an increasing number of systems and applications just like their large business counterparts, yet lacking the resources in terms of time and money to integrate them properly. This can leave small-medium businesses in a lurch. In order to compete in this modern market, one needs to be agile and connected. Integrations and automations are part of the toolbox for this, yet seem out of reach.

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Common integration issues #3: Where is your data?

One of the most frequently asked questions by our larger customers is: Where is our data? This blog aims to tackle this topic for integrations, and beyond - working through it, it is quite hairy. This is due to the complexity of modern technology, in combination with an ever increasing and more complex compliance burden around data. In addition, having an in-depth understanding of both technology and compliance is rare, meaning it requires a lot of continued collaborative efforts to get it right for your organisation.

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Saving a German Pharma company > 2,200 complex activities in a few months, and beyond!

For this week’s blog, we wanted to shed some light on the details of a complex client use case. Together with our partners Fellow Digitals and face to face, we love resolving complex data problems together. Hollow words on their own, and therefore we go into detail below what this means for a mutual client, using a concrete and 'live' example.

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Have we arrived at the point of Zero (0) Trust?

We must admit, this trend may not have a nice ring to it. On this website, we proudly advertise ‘trust’ as one of the foundational pillars of the way we work and being a trusted partner to collaborate with. So why would we want to blog about 0 Trust for our trend series, and what does it have to do with integrations?

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Not just a tool, but a Mindset: Winkwaves & Harmonizer

Over the last few years, we have been building business with the talented crew at Winkwaves. They are in the business of social intranet. In this blog post, we explain why our partnership works so well.

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Common integration issues #2: flying off into the sunset...err... clouds

In this blog, we reflect on integrations 'on the way' to the cloud - a journey a lot of organisations find themselves on. We find that a strategy in relation to a move to the cloud can be lacking, with unpleasant surprises as a consequence. This can apply broadly, in terms of the holistic cloud strategy, but more often we experience it regarding integrations. We share our best practices and lessons learned.

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Common integration issues #1: breaking API

This is a new blog series about common integration issues. We will relay scenarios that crop up in the space of integrations, and share some tips on how to prevent these from happening, in our experience. We hope that by sharing our knowledge and lessons learned, that the space of integrations can be a happier place for everyone. This first entry is about breaking APIs, and how being prepared to respond is important since it is inevitable that APIs break.

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#DeX: powered by Fellow Digitals, linked by Harmonizer

Succeeding together - these are the first two words on the website of our partner Fellow Digitals, who provide best-of-class workplace technology solutions. We share this mindset of succeeding together, and ‘DNA’, as we call it. We wrote about it in our ‘Letter to prospective partners’ a while ago - and we are happy to have found soulmates at Fellow Digitals. This blog explores the incredible value our partnership drives for mutual clients!

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