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Red Pill or Blue Pill: Virtual Fashion

Would you buy clothes that don’t exist? At the outset of the research, we certainly had a chuckle at this concept. However as we got into it, we started believing. And thinking about the seams that might hold this virtual world together (pun intended).

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Green computing: are we part of the solution?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) discussions, reporting standards, fora, webinars, blogs and service offerings have mushroomed over the last ~2 years. A lot of this debate centers around the environmental crisis we find ourselves in. Saving the planet was once the domain of idealists, but it has definitely gone mainstream, become fashionable, and even profitable, to be ‘green’. The tech domain hasn’t escaped this trend. (How) Does Harmonizer help?

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Espria Implements Identity Checks on New Employees with Zero Effort

At Harmonizer, we are proud to provide integration managed services to Espria, a large health care organisation in the Netherlands. Espria strives to empower the vulnerable as much as possible while providing them with excellent care. In an effort of cutting down the cost of compliance with Tax and Privacy regulations, Espria worked with Harmonizer to automate identity checks for new employees.

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Living the dream: Passwordless authentication

What does going passwordless mean? If you scratch the surface of the information “out-there”, it appears to be about SMS codes, Authenticator apps, links via trusted email accounts, etcetera. But if it were that simple, why are we not living the dream of a passwordless life? And what does this have to do with integrations, if anything at all?

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Cloud Native (and Integrations)

The term Cloud Native is included on Gartner's strategic priority list, and it is certainly a hot topic. Depending on where you seek information on this term though, you might get a varying array of wooly, high level and conceptual answers. At the other end of the spectrum, there are also deeply technical blogs that describe certain (categories) of services and technical methods. Which is it? And what does it have to do with integrations?

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Can we move forward without waiting in the queue?

In this blog, we investigate whether in the future, everyone out there (including us) will be building applications themselves, on low/no code platforms. Are integrations even needed in such a scenario?

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No longer a wallflower, serverless now promises boundary free growth

The next cab of the rank in our trendwatchers series, are serverless services in the cloud. The concept of serverless computing has been many years in the making, (~2015) however only recently is it getting a lot of attention. One can wonder, since it was introduced six years ago, whether we are still trend watching? Serverless is - apparently - on the cusp of becoming mainstream.

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Do we dare mention the 5G in the room? Yes!

As we continue to battle the pandemic, the topic of 5G can’t be avoided. Whether it’s because some of us think it is related to the spread of COVID-19, Bill Gates or even Alien Lizards, or just because it is a promising new technology.

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Achieving Aerodynamics in marketing communications: Air France & KLM make it fly

Harmonizer provides Air France and KLM with a managed service for marketing communications integrations, meaning the integrations are monitored 24/7 and any hick-ups are resolved without any need for involvement from Air France and KLM staff. This blog describes some great use cases that are implemented for Air France and KLM using Harmonizer. At Harmonizer, we are proud that we work for flagship brands such as Air France and KLM, and that they entrust us with their complex data needs.

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How does software make you feel?

In this blog, we explore why software is often not designed with our wellbeing in mind, and why we think this should change. We argue you won't remember the specs of a software product, but you will remember how it makes you feel! With Harmonizer, we believe in offering a worry free service, unburdening the organisation and IT Teams of any integration issues and work.

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