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Hello World :-)

As with any start-up, we are often asked about our ‘Founder Story’. And there are lots of famous and super interesting founder stories out there. Yet we weren’t born with the idea and /or had no cool Eureka! moment regarding cloud integrations, whilst growing up. Not even in our late twenties. However, in our case, we believe that’s not where the magic is. And even though our story might be less glossy - we are very passionate about what we do!

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Killing two birds with one stone: Integrations and Identity and Access Management

In an ideal world, all applications would talk to each other and be able to exchange data freely (provided this is all secure). In this blog post, we hope to bring some inspiration by sharing insights as to how secure integrations can go hand-in-hand with solving other important business problems, such as Identity and Access Management (IdAM).

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Cyber security should be front of mind for your integrations. Here's why!

With cyber attacks on the rise and an ever increasing compliance burden due to new laws and regulations around data management and privacy, cyber security is front and center for most Boards.

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How does Harmonizer compare with other integration products?

A common question we are asked is: how does our managed service compare with other products in the market, such as Mulesoft, Zapier, or Integromat?

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Why Australians want to work smarter. Not harder.

To embrace working smarter, the first thing we need to do, is learn to accept help. After all, if you want to do everything yourself, you will always be working harder and not smarter. After identifying areas that are core to your business and success, (a lot of) other areas remain that are ancillary to that. The opportunity to work smarter lies in outsourcing those areas to others, preferably to deliver on those at a cost lower than you can and at a quality that is much higher!

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Why integrating Salesforce with your other cloud applications will boost your business

Wouldn't it be ideal if your sales staff had all relevant customer information in one overview? What if we told you this was possible with modern-day technology? In this blog we explain the benefits, and how this can be achieved.

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