Easy integrations to Seismic with Harmonizer

Integrate Seismic with Harmonizer and streamline your organisational processes. A proven solution for Document Management technology.

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Optimal internal communications and data synchronisation guaranteed

The advantages of synching Seismic with other applications

Harmonizer integrates Seismic efficiently with your organisation's processes.
This way, we automate, optimise and streamline communication and data synchronisation between Seismic and other systems. Feel worry free and enjoy these benefits:

  • Prevent large (and expensive) mistakes, automate manual tasks, save time and allow yourself to focus on core activities.

  • Transfer data from Seismic automatically to any other application. The format and process of data transfer can be tailored as much as needed.

  • Add contact information and other relevant data automatically to Seismic (so that you don't have to search for this information elsewhere or add the information manually).

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increase your productivity by 200% with Harmonizer

They are already using Harmonizer!

Chris Sprangers
Director Customer Experience
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

"Using Harmonizer, we are exchaning all of our sales and marketing documentation in real-time with our alliance partner Delta Airlines. Harmonizer is a proven, flexible and cost efficient a way of streamlining the collaboration with our alliance partners."

Integrated applications

Integrate with Seismic

Tailor-made complete solution

Harmonizer is not a tool; it is a service. We take care of the end-to-end integration, A to Z. No more worries for you! 

Endless possibilities

Amending, expanding or tweaking along the way is no problem for us, due to Harmonizer’s in-built modularity.

No surprises

Your monthly fixed fee is guaranteed, without unexpected extra expenditure for maintenance or support.

Optimal results guaranteed if Harmonizer handles data synchronisation

Stop manually entering data from Seismic in other systems and allow us to unburden you of this low-value activity. We manage effective data synchronisation for you by integrating Seismic directly with other systems.

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