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For most developers, Jira is a standard staple. Jira is a software development tool that provides teams with a centralised platform to manage their projects and track their progress. It allows teams to create and manage tasks, prioritise work, and collaborate with each other in real-time. With Jira, teams can see the status of each task and the progress of their projects, which helps them to make better decisions and work more efficiently.

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For developers that are always in sync with all other teams in your organisation

What exactly is Jira?

Jira is used by software development teams and provides the following functionality and benefits:

  • Streamlined workflow: Jira Software streamlines the project management process, allowing teams to manage their work more efficiently.
  • Real-time collaboration: Jira allows teams to collaborate in real-time, which helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that work is completed efficiently.
  • Improved visibility: With Jira, teams have complete visibility into their projects, which helps them to make better decisions and improve their workflow.
  • Customisable: Jira is highly customisable, which means that teams can tailor it to their specific needs and requirements.
  • Mobile access: Teams can access Jira from their mobile devices, which allows them to stay on top of their work no matter where they are.

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Integrate Jira with any other application in your organisation

Jira can integrate seamlessly with any tool and platform you would like it to. Some more obvious examples include Bitbucket, Confluence, Trello and Slack. Others may be your CRM system, Microsoft Teams to incorporate certain chats with other teams and other developers in Jira ticketing, or even WhatsApp Business to allow the same for client chats.

Due to its intelligent approach, Harmonizer allows teams to streamline their workflow, as all their tools are integrated into one platform. This makes it easier for teams to communicate, collaborate, and get more work done to enhance software and create happy customers!

Benefits for automations and integrations with Jira via Harmonizer

Our unique software allows for a quick, affordable and efficient integration of Jira to any other application in your organisation. It guarantees an optimal and streamlined experience and process for your software development team as well.

This drives the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Integrating Jira with other systems helps teams to be more productive, as they can access all their tools from one platform.
  • Improved communication: Integrating Jira with tools such as Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp Business and Slack allows teams (and even customers) to communicate more effectively, which helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Better collaboration: Integrating Jira with tools such as Microsoft Teams, customer support systems, CRM, Trello and Confluence allows teams to collaborate more effectively, which helps to ensure that work is completed efficiently.
  • Increased flexibility: Integrating Jira with other systems provides teams with greater flexibility, as they can choose the tools that work best for them.

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90% less (manual) errors with Harmonizer's integrations

They are already using Harmonizer!

Camiel Zuyderhoff
Chief Operating Officer
Korper ICT

"The Harmonizer team really want to deliver outstanding service. This is the most important thing and it is in line with what the customer wants. I think it is incredibly cool they are developing this amazing integration platform. Where needed, they orchestrate a custom integration and this truly enables all applications to talk to each other as they should. True craftsmanship! In addition, their API solution can solve issues precisely and they offer their service at a good price. I support and am excited about watching them grow their business."

Rene Jansen

"By partnering up with Harmonizer, we are able to offer any integration our customers ask for. This way, our social intranet platform is integrated even better with the organisation of our customers, leading to the best user experience."

Matthias Bentein
113 Zelfmoord Preventie

"After our first conversation with Guido and the Harmonizer team, we felt we were in capable hands straight away. Both in terms of the solution that was presented as well as the approach. Guido and the Harmonizer team really know what they are doing when it comes to integrations. This instilled confidence. Much needed, because with a back-office process change like a systems integration, a lot of things can go wrong. The Harmonizer team was able to answer my questions and address my concerns really well. They were really proactive to work with. Now that the integrations are live, I don't have to worry about creating, maintaining and deleting user accounts. It all happens in the background, without my involvement. I can't recommend this service highly enough!"

Integrated applications
Hans Koekkoek
Head of Business Development
Fellow Digitals

"I had some doubts at the start with Harmonizer, because it sounded too good to be true. The Harmonizer team was offering an easily scalable SaaS solution for integrations, which enables anyone - without any technical knowledge - to integrate applications securely. In the end, it turned out to be even better than promised! This results in an amazing experience for our customers as well. Another great advantage for them is the pricing: an affordable, fixed monthly fee without any hidden charges. We view our partnership as a true value add to what we are able to offer our customers. We have worked with the reliable Harmonizer team for a few years now, and our collaboration is always very pleasant. "

Elma de Kruiff
Content- en applicatiebeheerder
Zorgverzekeraars Nederland / Health Insurers Association the Netherlands

"We didn't know we had a problem, until we talked to the Harmonizer team. We were waiting for the longest time for integrations to be built between various applications. Thanks to Harmonizer we could get integrations up and running in no-time. The Harmonizer team showed me the inner workings and the back-end of their platform, so I am very comfortable with how Harmonizer works. The Harmonizer team is very reliable (always keep their promises) and clear in their communications. The end result is that everything has become a lot easier for me in my job, now that applications are integrated. "

Integrated applications
Valérie Krikken
Kees Smit Tuinmeubelen

"Interactions with Guido and the Harmonizer team were fantastic straight off the bat. Especially because their approach is highly personal, and they demonstrated a clear understanding of our organisation's needs. I really appreciated that they were solution-oriented. Normally I always think of solutions to problems, and it was great to be unburdened this time. I only had to present my challenge to the Harmonizer team, and they offered a solution. Even when I had doubts and concerns on the Friday before our go-live date, Guido took the time to walk me through the backend solution that Harmonizer provides and reassure me. Truly great customer service!"

Integrated applications
Chris Sprangers
Director Customer Experience
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

"Using Harmonizer, we are exchaning all of our sales and marketing documentation in real-time with our alliance partner Delta Airlines. Harmonizer is a proven, flexible and cost efficient a way of streamlining the collaboration with our alliance partners."

Integrated applications
Albert‑Jan van Hoof
Career Control

"Various of our core systems didn't talk to each other in the past, and that was a real issue for us at Career Control. We were looking for a flexible tool to fix this issue, and found a perfect match in Harmonizer! We were pleasantly surprised by how fast the integration was up and running. Having the integration in place has enabled us to uncover important actionable insights, and allows me to use our budgets much more effectively. We would highly recommend Harmonizer to others, specifically because of its flexibility and the team's direct, proactive style of communication. The collaboration was excellent. "

Stephanie Steiger
Senior Project Manager
Face To Face GmbH

"Before we started working with Harmonizer, we had to fill in our customers' data by hand. That was really a lot of work! It took us a lot of time and it was very easy to make mistakes. When we found Harmonizer and started the project, it turned out that our case was more complex and extensive than we initially thought. In order to explain the processes to my client in a simple and understandable way, I got detailed explanations about the technical part from Guido and Thom. They both really take the time to explain things in an understandable way, and I always feel welcome when I have a question."

Integrated applications
Lars Welbers
Marketing Manager
Autogroep Ursem Barten

"Before we found Harmonizer, we had to manually enter data from our newsletter management system Hellodialog in our CRM system. This was a laborious process, especially since we would do this for hundreds and sometimes thousands of customers at a time. After talking to Guido and the Harmonizer team, we started the integration project immediately. We had expected to spend a lot of time to get the integration up and running. This wasn't the case, and within a few weeks it was working swimmingly! Contrary to how some other vendors operate, the Harmonizer team is incredibly invested and makes you feel appreciated each time you interact with them, including when you have questions. We are very happy with Harmonizer's managed service!"

Integrated applications

Integrate with Jira

Tailor-made complete solution

Harmonizer is not a tool; it is a service. We take care of the end-to-end integration, A to Z. No more worries for you! 

Endless possibilities

Amending, expanding or tweaking along the way is no problem for us, due to Harmonizer’s in-built modularity.

No surprises

Your monthly fixed fee is guaranteed, without unexpected extra expenditure for maintenance or support.

Optimise your software development function with Harmonizer-powered integrations!

We love efficiency at Harmonizer. This extends to realising your best integrations and automations.

Allow us to unburden your IT team and software developers, by integrating Jira seamlessly with any other relevant application. Data synchronisation will be flawless and effortless as a result!

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